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Leadership Guides

Instruction Manual

Dr. So What’s Tips are collections of actionable insights on various topics that you can use in your day-to-day life.

Planning a Meeting Agenda

Coming Soon.

Dr. So What › GUIDES

Dr. So What’s Guides are step-by-step instructions designed to help you master a deep thinking task such as how to conduct an audience analysis.

Leadership Guides

How do different generations search for information, connect with others and make decisions?

Analytical Guides

100 Facts

How to do your initial information scan on a situation or a company.

ABC Charts

How to analyze benefits and costs of a technology, idea, or proposal.

Audience Analysis

How to analyze your audiences.


How to create a map of how your organization manages data, information, knowledge and action.

Coming Soon.

Innovation Emphasis Evaluation

Coming Soon.

KISS Chart

How to assess the implications of facts or analyses.

Strategy Guides

Audience Interpretation Matrix

How to anticipate various audiences’ likely interpretations of a message.

Coming Soon.

Cultural Values Amplification Plan

How to develop a plan to amplify key cultural values.

Coming Soon.

Creating a Meme

Coming Soon.

PR & Messaging Guides

Crafting News Releases

Coming Soon.

Developing Media Kits

Coming Soon.

Creating Brand Content

Coming Soon.

Instructional Guides

Instruction Manual

How to prepare a commentary on a chapter quiz from your favorite book.

Preparing a Case Study

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