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Tip of the Week

Using Anger as a Tool

Tip of the Week

People, consciously or unconsciously, use anger or other displays of emotion to achieve a variety of personal objectives. Think about what employees or coworkers are signaling by their anger.

Number of the Week


Number of the Week

According to one study, the percent of employees (44%) who reported that they did not understand the changes they were expected to make.

Quote of the Week

Thomas Jefferson

Quote of the Week

"Nothing betrays imbecility so much as insensitivity to it."

Book of the Month

A Spy Among Friends by Ben Macintyre & John Le Carre

Book of the Month

Lies, deceit, and treachery among friends provide the backdrop for this fascinating Cold War story. And, it provides a cautionary tale for all who work in organizations.

Have I properly identified the patterns?​

Have I relied on reasonable evidence to reach my conclusions?​

Have I properly defined effectiveness?

Have I made reasonable assumptions?

Have I considered all the logical alternatives and selected the proper course of action?

Have I properly identified the implications of the facts, ideas or situation?

Have I properly defined effectiveness?​

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